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J & P Team

Throughout the years, we achieved exponential growth by dint of our persistence to succeed. We developed a dedicated & professional team maintaining high rates in quality, commitment, and friendliness.


We aim to keep our customers satisfied by providing multiple services, fast delivery, and affordable prices.


At J&P we take charge of your job from A to Z. Starting with raw material supplying, laser cutting, bending, rolling, welding, electroplating, Powder Coating, UV printing to end it up with installation and delivering it all over the world.

Our Story

Our Story started in 1993. Vahe Tchaparian, a father of two sons Jean and Paul, founded a metal forging company and named it after his children Ets. Jean-Paul with only 3 to 4 employees. After 8 years of operation, in 2001, the business was impacted by an unfortunate and shocking event leading it to near bankruptcy: Vahe’s elder son, Jean, got very sick and passed away after 2 years of struggling. During his last moments, Jean had one last request from his father.


He wanted the company to stand out and bloom again. Since then, Vahe worked hard to fulfill his deceased son’s oath and took the company to a different flourishing stage where it has witnessed a remarkable prosper growth maintaining a high level of determination and perseverance.


The expansion was remarkable and the company gradually evolved, lead by Vahe and his son Paul, to become an enterprise named J & P Steel Work S.a.r.l., in 2009, performing with almost 60 employees. The company was located in the industrial city in Bauchriye-Lebanon in a 150 meters area and moved, in 2017, to a new 3000 meters operating area in Dekweneh-Lebanon. Paul took the torch from his father, alongside with his brother’s vow, to set one objective that is being implemented till this moment: A company that will keep growing and flourishing fulfilling a dream of a family, a dream of Tchaparians.


A message from Paul: ” Everyone has his/her ups and downs, but what is important is to always stand up against challenges, learn from your mistakes and fight again. You Are The Owner Of Your Future “